Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today recognized Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way Inc. for their “Making a Warmth of Difference” Winter Apparel Program. Kids Helping Kids a Long Island based 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1997 by a 9-year-old “kid” Robert AJ Eslick son of the organizations Executive Director Bob Eslick. Kids Helping Kids encourages young people under the age of 18 to get involved in philanthropy noting their members have spent thousands of volunteer hours via a variety of programs with a vision, dedication and a drive that addresses various community and individual needs.

This year marks the 11th Annual “Making a Warmth of Difference” Winter Apparel Program, which has benefited thousands of children and families on Long Island and beyond. The program focuses on collecting new and branded winter apparel rather than used to give to children and families in need. Kids volunteered their services by separating and packing thousands of units of winter apparel to distribute to children and families who do not always receive something special, new branded apparel that will keep them warm. Since 2004 Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way, Inc. has distributed $1.8 million in branded winter apparel.

During the 2014 Holiday season, the organization will deliver more than $400,000 in new branded winter apparel through their “Making a Warmth of Difference” program. All brand-new coats and winter related apparel received by Kids Helping Kids, Kids Inc., is 100% donated to agencies such as Nassau County Department of Social Services, C.A.S.A ( Coordinated Agency for Spanish Americans) The Mary Brennan INN, the Education & Assistance Corporation, Circulo de la Hispanidad, Family & Children’s Association, and the Salvation Army.

“I applaud Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way, Inc. and the terrific job they have done of making a difference on many levels in the lives of so many children and families throughout Nassau County,” said County Executive Mangano. “I am thankful that Nassau County can join Kids Way Inc. in this valued program to provide an opportunity for children most in need stay warm during the cold months upon us.”

Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way Inc. Executive Director Bob Eslick said, “Many Long Island families are still facing very tough economic times, and this apparel will most certainly come in handy during the cold winter months.”

For more information on Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way, Inc. please call (516) 249-9449 or email

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Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano was joined by critically acclaimed singer, actor and director Robert Davi as he imparted his professional experience to a group of very talented performers with different abilities and autism. The event took place at the Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. (F.R.E.E.) in Old Bethpage and featured a performance by the F.R.E.E. Players Jazz Ensemble. The F.R.E.E. Players have won national awards for their music and even performed at Carnage Hall. F.R.E.E. and the F.R.E.E. Players were honored by County Executive Mangano for their many achievements.
“The talented members of F.R.E.E. Players continue to break barriers and strive for greatness,” said County Executive Mangano. “They are an inspiration to us not just here in Nassau County but nationally. I commend the F.R.E.E. family for helping so many wonderful individuals realize their true potential through the many services and programs they provide.”
Robert Davi is a critically acclaimed actor and singer who has been featured in hundreds of movies including Die Hard, Son of the Pink Panther, The Goonies, Show Girls and the James Bond Classic License to Kill. He has worked with the biggest names in Hollywood – Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Benicio del Toro, James Franco, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis and Roberto Benigni, among others. Davi spoke to the F.R.E.E. Players about his personal experiences and provided words of encouragement for the performers.
The F.R.E.E. Players Program was developed back in 1993 and involved a number of F.R.E.E. employees that volunteered their time to support individuals that loved to sing, dance and act. F.R.E.E.’s programs continue to help foster independence, productivity and individual development. The F.R.E.E. Drumline has performed not only locally but nationally. They have made history as the first Special Needs Drum Corp to perform at many events such as the Waterside Stage at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida, the Dayton Arena in Dayton, Ohio for Winter Garden International, which is an International Drum Corp Competition and Newsday’s Marching Band Festival. Just recently they were the first Special Needs Drum Corp to perform at the Columbus Day Parade in New York City.

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Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced that Nassau County has teamed up with the United States Marine Corps for the Toys for Tots Holiday Gift Drive. New, unwrapped toys will be collected through Friday, December 19th.

“Nassau County is proud to join together with the U.S. Marine Corps for the annual Toys for Tots Holiday Gift Drive,” said County Executive Mangano. “With the community’s support and generosity, together we can give children the gift of a magical holiday season.”

Toys for Tots Holiday Gift Drive drop-off boxes for new, unwrapped toys will be located at the following Nassau County locations:

East Meadow:
• Eisenhower Park, Main Lobby of Administration Building
• 100 Carman Avenue, Main Lobby of Corrections/Sherriff’s Department
• 40 Main Street, in front of Suite C Office
• 16 Cooper Street, Main Lobby of Traffic and Parking Violations Agency
• One West Street, Main Lobby
• 1550 Franklin Avenue, Main Lobby of Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building
• 1490 Franklin, Nassau County Police Department, 2nd Floor Training wing
• 240 Old Country Road, Main Lobby
• 262 Old Country Road, Main Lobby of District Attorney’s Office
• 400 County Seat Drive, Nassau County Probation Department, Director’s Office
• 200 County Seat Drive, Health Department
• 60 Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Department of Social Services, outside cafeteria
• 1194 Prospect Avenue, DPW/Fire Marshal, 2nd Floor Reception

For more information about Nassau County Department of Parks, Recreation and Museum, please call: (516) 572-0200, or visit the website at:

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Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano welcomed Dr. Libby O’Connell, Chief Historian of the History Channel, to the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building where Dr. O’Connell debuted her new book, The American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites. The public in attendance along with living historians from various eras, and Long Island Social Studies teachers were provided cuisine samples from Thomas Jefferson’s recipe for mac and cheese to sampling oysters, the “fast food” of Long Island Native Americans. The recipes, all prepared by Oheka Castle’s Executive Chef Christopher James Cappello and staff, provided a culinary tour of Dr. O’Connell’s book.

County Executive Mangano stated, “More than Thanksgiving turkey and gravy, today our American plate allows us to reflect on our memories of those no longer here but whose love is still found in the recipes they left behind and the food they graciously served us.”

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Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and former United States Olympic Coach/Korean-American Businessman Y.H. Park today donated $4,000 in proceeds from the Annual New York Open Taekwondo Championship/Korean Cultural Festival – held earlier this year – to The Safe Center LI. The Safe Center LI assists in saving and changing the lives of the victims of domestic or dating abuse, child abuse, and rape and sexual assault. The funds will be used to help replace furniture at the safe home for abused families.

“Y.H. Park understands that charity begins at home and I applaud him for his generosity and hope others follow this incredible example of giving,” said County Executive Mangano. “I have always believed that local organizations and businesses are the heart of our community, and this donation is a great illustration of giving back to the community.”

“We are very honored to partner with Nassau County and County Executive Edward Mangano, in such a wonderful cultural festival that was able to bring people of all races and creed together,” said Y.H. Park. “It has always been a goal of our organization to give back to the community and we couldn’t be happier to donate to the Safe Center LI, which does amazing work to help those in need. Thank you to everyone who was a part of our event and we look forward to many more charitable events with County Executive Mangano.”

Sandy Oliva and Cynthia Scott, Co-Executive Directors of The Safe Center LI, were on hand to accept the check on behalf of The Safe Center LI. The safe home which was last renovated in 1995 has been utilized by many individuals since then. The furniture and window coverings are worn out and need to be replaced and these funds will make that possible which will help create a comforting and uplifting environment for those individuals escaping violence at home.

“We are grateful to Mr. Park for his generosity and strong community spirit and thank him and County Executive Mangano on behalf of the women and children who will benefit from their support, said Sandy Oliva, Co-Executive Director of The Safe Center LI.

The 2014 New York Open TaeKwonDo Championships/Korean Cultural Festival consisted of competitions in forms, pairs forms, sparring, board breaking, weapons and Team Demo Competition. Over 350 competitors entered the championship tournament that included over 2,000 people in attendance. Highlighting this year’s event were amazing Korean Cultural performances and a showcase of National Level competitors during the Opening Ceremony. Nia Sanchez, Miss Nevada USA, made a special appearance. She is a fourth degree black belt in TaeKwonDo, which she began practicing when she was eight years old. This exciting sports and cultural event featured seminars prior to and during the festival, which included Korean style food, Korean cultural performances, the Korean Percussion team, a traditional Korean sushi making demonstration, plus much more. The event was recognized by the World TaeKwonDo Federation and sanctioned by the United States TaeKwonDo Leaders Union. In addition to being supported by Nassau County, the event was sponsored by Flushing Bank, The Korean Cultural Service of NY, AT Center of New York, Dynamics World, Korea Tourism Organization and Korean Cuisine Globalization Committee of East Coast, USA.

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Mangano: $1 Million Grant to Enhance Nassau’s Mental Health Services

By Eden Laikin
Nassau County’s Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Developmental Disabilities Services will receive an additional $1.1million in state funding to enrich its Mental Health Care system.

The funds will be used to increase access to community-based services that will help people with mental illness achieve recovery, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano announced last week.

Currently, the county’s Office of Mental Health contracts with three community agencies that each staff Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams that bring services to individuals with serious mental illness. The ACT teams promote the client’s ability to live successfully in the community and to avoid unnecessary repeated and costly visits to hospitals. Each team has a psychiatrist, nurse, social worker and other mental health professionals, to provide intensive clinical and rehabilitative services. Each team has a caseload of about 68 clients.

This $1,154,636 in new funding will make it possible for the County to add two additional ACT teams. These teams provide evidence-based programs that deliver comprehensive and flexible treatment, support, and rehabilitation services to individuals in their natural living settings rather than in hospital or clinic settings.

These teams have been found to improve recipient outcomes with studies showing greater reductions in psychiatric hospitalization rates, emergency room visits and higher levels of housing stability after receiving ACT services.

Both teams will serve individuals with significant mental health challenges, while one of them will focus on individuals who are re-integrating into the community after incarceration.

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), in accordance with the 2014-2015 enacted State Budget, also allocated funds to Suffolk County for its Mental Health Care services.

State Mental Health officials said “the development of community-based mental health programs is critical to the success of the mental health system in New York State.”

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With cold weather approaching, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced that WARMBED, Nassau County’s Emergency Shelter Relief Program for homeless individuals and families during the winter months, will be activated Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 beginning at 6:00 p.m.

“No resident should have to spend nights in the freezing cold when they can call the Nassau County Hotline and be placed in a warm shelter right away,” said County Executive Mangano. “Homeless residents calling the hotline will be connected immediately to a person who can help them get out of the cold and obtain the services they need to restart their lives. Help is really just a phone call away.”

The Nassau County Winter Homeless Hotline, WARMBED, will operate 7 days a week and run through March 31st, 2015. If winter conditions persist beyond March 31st, the program will continue until warmer weather arrives.

Between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Monday thru Thursday, and Friday from 6:00 p.m. thru Monday at 8:00 a.m., employees from WARMBED and the Department of Social Services (DSS) will make appropriate referrals and provide shelter placement. Once placed, the staff at DSS and the Office of Housing & Community Development will contact those who are homeless in order to access resources for permanent housing. County Executive Mangano also urges Nassau’s homeless veterans to take advantage of the WARMBED program, where they will be assisted by the Nassau County Veterans Services Agency.

During the 2013/2014 season, a total of 192 individuals were housed by the WARMBED program. These referrals included 75 single adults and 40 families comprised of 44 adults and 73 children.

1-866-927-6233 (1-866- WARMBED)

Department of Social Services (516) 227-8519: After office hours (516) 573-8626
Long Island Crisis Center (516) 679-1111
The Safe Center L.I. (516) 542-0404
Nassau University Medical Center (516) 572-0123

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