Massapequa high school students got a sobering lesson last week when they got to experience the after effects of a simulated drunk-driving car accident on the football field of Massapequa High School.

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano co-hosted the rare and extremely sobering event with Massapequa Schools, the Nassau County Police Department and the Massapequa Fire Department, on Monday, April 15th at 1 p.m. for an audience of about 1,200 students.

With Senior Prom and other festivities on the horizon, this timely event was expected to “shock and awe” students into avoiding dangerous behaviors that could put their lives at risk.

The graphic demonstration consisted of a staged, two-car auto accident with an intoxicated driver and multiple victims.  One victim ended up on the hood of a car, dead on arrival, while another victim staggered out of the car obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The Massapequa Fire Department demonstrated the act of extricating a victim from the vehicle, utilizing heavy rescue vehicles and the Jaws of Life.

The NCPD simulated a DWI test and subsequent arrest and also provided a helicopter landing to simulate a medical evacuation from the scene. Some of the high school’s Drama students acted in this simulation.

County Executive Mangano and his wife, Linda, who is actively involved in Mothers Against Drunk Driving. gave a keynote address.

“Driving while intoxicated is a dangerous epidemic that spans our entire nation,” County Executive Mangano said. “When you hear the headlines on the news or the stories on TV many people believe, “it won’t happen to me.”  The sad reality is that everyday people, just like you and I are the ones who are effected by drunk driving the most. It is mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and, many times, children who are killed by the thoughtless act of a single person who has decided to drive under the influence.”

Mangano went on to say that “what everyone must take from this simulation is that one foolish, drunken decision can negatively change the course of your entire life and could potentially end your life, the life of your passengers and the innocent strangers who fall into your path.”

“Driving drunk is not worth the consequences,” Mangano said. “Call a cab, call a friend or call a family member…don’t become a statistic and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.”


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