Mangano’s Award-Winning Administration

By Bushra Mollick

New York State has recognized Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano’s efforts to cut costs and keep taxes low, through the consolidation of government services – particularly, the combining of Nassau’s 8 Police Precincts.

Nassau is one of 13 towns chosen to receive a portion of the $12 million prize. Nassau will receive an additional $5 million for converting 4 of the precincts into community policing centers, intended to save $20 million annually.

“I commend Governor Cuomo for recognizing my administration’s efforts to reduce the size of government by eliminating duplicative services,” Mangano said graciously.

This week’s announcement also applauded the County’s general money-saving strategies. County Comptroller George Maragos said, “The Governor’s $5 million award is further recognition of the extraordinary cost-savings achieved by the County which led to the year-end budget surplus without a property tax increase.”

Despite precinct closings, crime rates have decreased by 10% in the past several years, as the County Executive has taken the initiative to achieve a safer county through the assignment of more patrol officers. Records show that Nassau County is the safest county to live in, as compared to Suffolk or any of the five counties in New York City.

The New York State rewards program that recognizes municipalities for cutting operating expenses to hold down taxes.

County officials say Mangano has also saved countless tax dollars through the elimination of $290 million in unnecessary spending and by retaining thousands of local companies and private-sector jobs. Despite the savings, the county has continued to maintain and improve County preserves, parks, roadways, athletic fields and playgrounds.





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