Nassau’s Own Hollywood

By Bushra Mollick

Nassau County is creating its own little Hollywood this summer with the its launch of the 16th annual Long Island Film Expo, taking place between July 17th and 25th .

The festival will debut 146 international and local films at the landmark Bellmore Movies theatre. Nearly half of the movies are set in New York, others focus on Long Island.

“Nassau County is quickly becoming the Hollywood East of the film and television industry,” said Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, “LIFE provides an opportunity for filmmakers to come and see the types of filming locations Nassau County has to offer whether it be our beaches, mansions, suburban areas and, of course, Gold Coast Studios and Grumman Studios, which are all New York State approved production studios.”

Like the acronym, LIFE’s films cover every aspect of just that – life. The expo begins with Sloan Copeland’s movie, Wet Behind the Ears, the story of a young college graduate who invests in piracy schemes as a way to cope with post-graduate debt. Another film, Send No Flowers, delves into the crime-driven, mafia-family structures, and peers into the life of a mobster’s daughter’s fight to keep the family “business” as her father was murdered by a rival group.

Movies aside, the expo also allows for one-on-one brush-ups for visitors on the film industry and script-writing. There will be honorary guests present for the closing ceremony, including Federico Castellucio from The Sopranos, and William Sadler from Iron Man 3.

The film festival will be held at Bellmore Movies, 222 Pettit Avenue, Bellmore.  For more information on the 16th Annual Long Island International Film Expo, visit or call 516-571-3168.



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