Mangano Leads the Opening of Hempstead Plains Interpretive Center

By Bushra Mollick

Environmentalists were elated this week, as Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano spearheaded a construction project that will preserve and respect the historic significance of the Hempstead Plains.

The ceremony honored the construction of the Hempstead Pains Interpretive Center, an Environmental Bond Act project. The center will advocate preservation and conservation, and will be constructed using environmentally friendly methods.

After its’ completion, the center will continue to use eco-friendly energy savers that will contribute to the positive progression of Nassau County’s eco-system. Some of these practices will include a bio-toilet, storm water treatment, and solar panels.

“I could not be more proud to be a part of this incredible day,” said Mangano, “This is truly one of the greatest services ever provided to the residents of Nassau County. To preserve and honor history is an important mission.”

The county executive was joined by former Nassau County Executive Tom Gulotta, and his wife Betsy Gulotta, who currently serves as Conservation Project Manager for Friends of Hempstead Plains.

The center will allow Long Island residents to reminisce not only about the history of the Hempstead prairie, but its’ modern day importance.


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