Westbury, NY – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano unveiled a technological upgrade to the already successful ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System which will help to further reduce incidences of gun violence in the Roosevelt and Uniondale communities.  With crime down more than 10% since County Executive Mangano took office, these reactive cameras are being added to targeted locations throughout the ShotSpotter zone to serve as a powerful law enforcement tool that will help further combat gun violence and provide assistance in the prosecution of offenders.

“My administration is expanding its war on gun violence,” said County Executive Mangano.  “Together with District Attorney Rice we have taken over 3,000 guns off Nassau streets, reduced crime by over 10% and today we take another step forward by expanding the ShotSpotter system.”

The cameras are reactive in nature where they will only be monitored once the ShotSpotter system determines gunfire has been discharged.  Once a shot is fired the cameras will pan in the direction within 4-7 seconds of where the shot was fired.  The forensic evidence and situational intelligence this gives officers is invaluable to solving and combatting violent gun crime.  The cameras have been strategically placed in public areas throughout the ShotSpotter zone based on law enforcement intelligence.  They have been paid for utilizing asset forfeiture and grant funds. 

“It has been a pleasure working with the County Executive over the years to create innovative solutions to improve public safety through our Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence project.  We will continue to use Hip-Hop as a tool to help at-risk youth and young adults develop a realistic plan to better their life and the journey starts with surrendering their gun,” ended Charles Fisher, Founder, Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council.

This is the second time County Executive Mangano expanded the successful ShotSpotter program the first of which was is in May of 2010 when it was added to patrol vehicles in May of 2010.  The ShotSpotter system has proven to be a very effective law enforcement tool reducing gunshot incidences by approximately 90% in the covered area.  ShotSpotter is paid for using asset forfeiture dollars.

How ShotSpotter works:  The ShotSpotter system sensors are calibrated to listen for the unique acoustic fingerprint of gunfire.  When gunfire events occur, sensors triangulate and locate the gunshot’s point of origin to within 25 meters (82ft.).  The system records the number of shots fired, whether the shooter was stationary or moving, and provides essential audio playback of each gunshot event.  This information provides situational awareness for our law enforcement officers prior to arriving at the crime scene and invaluable evidence for post crime analysis.  Additionally, we know the nearest street address and whether the gunshot came from the front or side of a building.  Tactically, this is significant as it helps our officers respond faster and gives them a specific area to search for potential evidence, question witnesses, and in the event a victim is found; ensure that medical attention is timely.  Most importantly, this system improves both the safety of the community at large and of our responding officers.

ShotSpotter, Inc., is the world leader in gunshot location systems for public safety, homeland security and the military.  ShotSpotter GLS® accurately detects, pinpoints and alerts police responders to the locations of gunfire and other explosive events.  In cities where it is deployed, the information provided by the ShotSpotter GLS has been credited with reducing gunfire rates by nearly 60 to 80 percent and violent crime by up to 40 percent.


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