Mangano Saves 50% on Energy Costs at the Jail

Announces success of energy efficient lighting program at Nassau County Correctional Facility

By Eden Laikin

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano announced today that his administration has saved 50% – or more than a half-a-million dollars – this year in energy costs by installing energy efficient lighting throughout all five of the buildings of the Nassau County Correctional Facility.

The “rebate” of $501,490 – from the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) – was the result of Nassau’s participation in the utility’s Municipal Energy Efficiency and Renewable Program

“Since my first day in office I have looked for ways to cut government costs and end the waste that had become the normal way of business in this county,” County Executive Mangano said. “Through those efforts we began to identify and implement ways to save taxpayer dollars instead of spending them.”

At a press conference in the Theodore Roosevelt Executive & legislative Building in Mineola, Mangano said “implementing energy efficiency throughout the county is one of the “most important initiatives we could undertake” to see “real savings for taxpayers.”

“Today I will happily accept a rebate of $501,490 from the Long Island Power Authority that Nassau County earned through an energy efficiency program we completed at the Nassau County Correction Facility,” he said. “This is the largest lighting-related rebate ever seen by Nassau County.”

In addition to saving taxpayer money, the installation of energy efficient lighting is saving the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

A total of 5,882 fluorescent fixtures were retrofitted with new energy efficient lamps and ballasts. Inefficient 40 watt lamps were replaced with efficient 28 watt extra-long life lamps. These lamps provide a 30 percent reduction in energy cost and last 5 times longer.

Within the storage rooms, mechanical rooms and pipe chases of the two older buildings, 794 Incandescent 60 watt lamps were replaced with energy efficient 12 watt LED lamps. These lamps provide an 80 percent reduction in energy cost and last 25 times longer.

In the housing units and gymnasiums of the facility a total of 455 high bay, metal halide fixtures were replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures. These fixtures provide a 30 percent reduction in energy cost and last 10 times longer.

The installation of these energy efficient lamps and fixtures has resulted in a significant reduction of lighting energy costs. Also within a correctional facility, re-lamping of light fixtures requires inmates to be locked up or relocated for extended periods. This creates logistical concerns and security challenges. Since the new energy efficient fixtures last much longer, a significant reduction in maintenance and operating costs are achieved.

The County’s energy efficiency program was implemented, in part, by the Nassau County Department of Public Works.

“This is another great example of implementation that not only saves money for the taxpayer but saves energy and helps protect the planet,” Mangano said.

Other green initiatives implemented throughout Nassau during the Mangano administration include the installation of LED traffic lights, solar panels on the Public Safety Center in Hicksville and the establishment of the Long Island Purchasing Council which looks for ways to share costs with other municipalities and special districts to save taxpayer dollars.

“These actions taken by the County demonstrates their green leadership and their understanding that Long Island’s municipalities can play a key role in helping to make our region more energy efficient and reduce energy costs,” said LIPA Chief Operating Officer John D McMahon. “LIPA remains committed to working with government officials, business leaders, and community members to reduce energy consumption and maximize conservation.”



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