Mangano, O’Connell & Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce to Remind Residents to Shop Locally this Holiday Season

Merrick, NY – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, County Clerk Maureen O’Connell and the Nassau County Council of Chambers of Commerce held a press conference in Merrick this week to remind Nassau residents of the importance of shopping locally this holiday season.

Statistics indicate that small businesses employ over half of all private sector employees and that two out of every three new jobs over the past 15 years have been generated by small businesses.

Mangano and O’Connell gathered with Julie Marchesella, President of the Nassau Council at Queen of Hearts in Merrick’s downtown shopping district.

This year the Holiday Season starts earlier than usual with Chanukah beginning the evening of Wednesday, November 27th and ending the evening of Thursday, December 5th.

“As the holiday shopping rush gets into full swing, I would like to encourage all residents to support their hometown businesses and shop locally and early this season,” Mangano said. “Our local businesses are the heartbeat of Nassau County’s economy and make our communities stronger and better places to live, work and raise a family. With local employers contributing to the economic base and connectivity of our local communities, we must help raise awareness about the role they play and promote a business-friendly Nassau that attracts suppliers and distributors in similar industries.”

Mangano said it is even more important to shop local this year, as many of the small businesses throughout Nassau County are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

“Now more than ever, our local businesses need our support as they get back up and running,” he said. “Benefits to buying locally include:

  • money spent here stays here;
  • supporting local businesses provides support for the jobs and wages they offer to those in our community;
  • it creates a stronger tax base;
  • our local business owners invest in our community and its important to support their efforts; and
  • last but not least shopping close to home is not only convenient it is also environmentally friendly!

“Together with the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce our message is clear: 

“Spend it, Buy it, Keep it Local in Nassau County”

Mangano said it is important to remember that small business owners “are our friends and neighbors in our communities. They sponsor youth sports teams, support our schools, and employ local residents.”





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