Mangano Lauded for Efforts During Sandy

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano was honored in Long Beach this weekend for his work before, during and after Hurricane Sandy hit Nassau County.

Members of the Bach Jewish Center in Long Beach bestowed the award on Mangano at a dinner at the Allegria Hotel, just days before the one-year anniversary of the unprecedented storm.

The award was presented Sunday evening,  by Bach Jewish Center directors Rabbi Eli, Beila Goodman and Jessica Cutter.

Mangano said he was “truly humbled” by this recognition. “My wish, however, would be for this crisis to never have occurred and this award to not have been necessary,” he said. “Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy did reach our shores and left an immeasurable amount of destruction in its wake.

Mangano recalled that as the storm went from “radar screen to real world,” he activated the Emergency Center wherein over 50 separate agencies came together to coordinate resources and institute a pre-storm lifesaving plan where he called for the evacuation of 400,000 residents.

“I knew that we had to get the word out to Nassau County’s 1.3 million residents that this storm was not going to leave us unscathed,” Mangano said. “Residents of the barrier islands and the Hurricane evacuation zones were in immediate danger so we activated our evacuation plan which included the “Friends and Family” Sheltering Plan. As the dire reports came ashore ahead of the storm, it became apparent that our residents would face short-term, interim and long-term issues unlike anything we had faced before. A large number of people lost part, if not all, of their homes, personal possessions, including cars.”

Mangano paused for a moment to recognize the first responders – police officers, volunteer firefighters and fire marshals, ambulance workers, and personnel from the Office of Emergency Management – who aided residents during the storm and worked together to minimize loss of life.

“A year later, we are continuing our relief and recovery efforts and I am working closely with local, state and federal officials to ensure the lives of our residents are restored to normal as quickly and efficiently as we can,” he said. “I witnessed, first-hand, the damage that was done to homes, businesses and property.  Without the help of Nassau’s first responders we would have seen far more devastation and loss of life.”

Also this weekend, County Executive Mangano attended a ceremony at Long Beach City hall to commemorate the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy’s landfall and its ensuing destructive path through Long Beach and the rest of Long Island.

Federal, state and local elected officials, along with about 1,000 emergency responders, residents and friends, gathered at Kennedy Plaza, which houses city hall, at the commemoration Saturday morning. The Plaza served as a hub of emergency operations during the response and recovery efforts immediately following the storm.

“Long Beach residents are resilient, Nassau County is resilient and we will recover and rebuild stronger,” Mangano said.

County Executive Mangano then reminded those in attendance to download NassauNow on their smartphone or mobile device so they can continue to stay in communication with his office during future emergencies.


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