MANGANO Tours the South Shore Estuary with SPLASH

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By Eden Laikin

Operation SPLASH members said they’ve gotten an unprecedented amount of help with the cleaning and conservation of the South Shore Estuary since Ed Mangano became County Executive.

Not in SPLASH’s 22 years of operation has the County had such a “open door environmental policy,” members said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has designated this area by the industrial park in Freeport, as a vital reconstruction zone. The plan is to fund the strengthening of the infrastructure – to “revitalize, harden and create resiliency.” 

Superstorm Sandy caused floods of more than 6 feet in the area of vital infrastructure – including 2 power plants. It has an integral stake in all the CRZ zones set up by the State.

“Ed’s been very influential in getting things done as part of an extensive FEMA operation,” a member said. “We’ve so far found and removed kitchen sinks, bulkheads, backyard toys, furniture from the trees and surrounding land.” And the County has added sonar power to find boats that sank after Sandy. Officials found 40 boats the first week.

The members say they’re just hoping Mangano is given the opportunity to finish the job. “These are not 1 term, 4 year projects.”

County Executive Mangano toured the Estuary with SPLASH members last week.

“I need to know, I need to see it for myself,” Mangano has said of the marsh and waterway cleanup plan. “I don’t want to hear about it and sign something that says begin the work. I want to see if there’s progress being made, do you need more help? How can we further assist you?”

“This is another step forward,” Mangano said. “We’ll continue to work with the state and federal governments to protect and cleanup the environment.”

“So many people enjoy the beauty and serenity of the County’s South Shore. We want that to continue.”


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