Possible End to Employee Wage Freeze?

By Eden Laikin
The Nassau County Legislature Monday night unanimously approved a contract agreement with the Civil Service Employees Association, while a 13-member majority of the board voted to approve contracts with the Police Benevolent Association, Detectives Association and the Superior Officers Association.
The approvals set the stage for an end to the 3-year wage freeze imposed by the Nassau Interim Finance Authority on much of the County workforce.
Two Democratic legislators – Dave Denenberg and Laura Curran – voted with the Republican majority for the wage agreements with the three large employee unions, while the other six Democrats abstained.
NIFA, the county’s fiscal control board, must give final approval to the contracts and to lifting the wage freeze, by the end of the month. The approved pacts do not include the correction officers union. They do contain a lower salary scale for future hires, who also would begin contributing to their health care plans.
Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano said in a statement after the vote that “these concession agreements save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over the present contracts, require employee contributions to health care and pensions and settle approximately $400 million in litigation.”


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