Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano welcomed attendees to the campus of CW Post college today, for the Family and Domestic Violence Task Force’s fourth annual regional conference.

John E. Imhof, PhD Commissioner, Nassau County Department of Social Services and chair of the Task Force; and State Assemblyman Dave McDonough joined Mangano, as did representatives from the Nassau County Police Department, the Port Washington Police Department, the Hempstead Police Department, Suffolk County Police Department, New York City Police Department, SUNY Stony Brook campus police, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department and the Nassau County Department of Probation.

Keynote Speaker Evan Robbins, spoke about Breaking the Chain Through Education.

Immediately after taking office in 2010, County Executive Mangano decided to tackle the domestic violence issue that is all too prevalent in Nassau County. Two months into his administration, he appointed a distinguished panel of individuals to serve on a Family Violence Task Force.

In early 2010, he accepted the first ten initial recommendations of the Task Force, one of which was to hold the first-ever regional conference on Domestic and Family Violence.

“We in Nassau County are dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families coping with family violence and will continue working towards raising public awareness,” Mangano said. “Family and domestic violence is one of our society’s true tragedies because the victim is being abused by a trusted person in his or her life. These conferences are a major step forward in our efforts.”

Experts say that at the center of this violence is the abuser’s need to gain power and control over the victim, and the physical and emotional violence can be manifested in many different ways. It can present itself as child abuse, abuse of elders, spousal or intimate partner abuse, and abuse of any family member.

In fact, almost 1/3 of female homicide victims that are reported in police records are killed by an intimate partner and in 70-80% of intimate partner homicides, the man physically abused the woman before the murder.

“These are frightening and compelling statistics that have only further re-enforced my unwavering commitment to combat family and domestic violence,” he said. “My administration is dedicated to fighting against this widespread issue.”

Mangano was New York State’s first County Executive to declare a Public Health Emergency in Family and Domestic Violence in Nassau County. And he further empowered the Task Force through its work to send out the clear message that VIOLENCE IS NOT THE ANSWER, a message that has become the cornerstone of the County’s efforts to combat this preventable social problem.”


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