Nassau Employee Wage Freeze Lifted; New Police Recruits Sworn in

By Eden Laikin

NIFA’s approval of the County’s recently negotiated employee union contracts, not only lifts the three-year pay freeze for Nassau workers, it also allowed a new class of 162 Police recruits to be sworn in  by Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano who gave them the Oath of Office.

Employees should see increases in their paychecks within a couple of weeks and the raises will be retroactive to April 1.  Regular increases will follow each year until 2017. The County expects to save millions of dollars by requiring new hires to pay toward their pensions and healthcare costs. And they expect to generate additional revenue with newly approved speed camera violations and privatization of the sewer system.

Mangano said the recruits were about to “dedicate numerous hours towards training for this important position within the Nassau County Police Department. I thank you for choosing to be a part of the illustrious Nassau County Police Department and for dedicating your career to keeping the residents of Nassau County safe.”

Once sworn in, the class – 61 of which have prior law enforcement experience and 13 who have military experience – now go on to 6 months of training at the Nassau County Police Academy, which Mangano calls one of the finest in the nation.

“All of you have the innate ability and drive to serve and protect,” Mangano said. “I am proud to say that Nassau is one of the safest counties in the nation, and that is a testament to the work our police officers do day in and day out. To the family and friends of our police officers, I thank you for the support and encouragement you have given them.




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