By Eden Laikin

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano was honored yesterday as “Man of the Year” by the Rotary Club of Central Nassau County – 35 years after being selected as Rotary Student of the Month while in High School.

County Executive Mangano said he was “truly humbled” by the honor, which was bestowed upon him at the Milleridge Inn.

He said that since that first experience as a Rotarian, he still finds himself using the four-way test today when he asks himself:

o Is it the TRUTH?
o Is it FAIR to all concerned?
o Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

“I try to follow these rules in every aspect of my life and in my administration,” Mangano said.

He said that over the past four years, his administration has reinvented the way in which County government operates so that it is beneficial to all. And, great success has been achieved in the County as evidenced by the lowest unemployment rate in the region; the attraction to the area of a first-of-its-kind homeland security center, high-tech complementary job creators and 100-acres of industry; 1,000 units of affordable senior housing; a movie and television industry that has generated more than $144 million in economic benefit to the area and employed nearly 2,000 people; a public-private partnership that will redevelop the Coliseum and HUB area without taxpayer money; and the privately-financed construction of a practice field for the New York Cosmos at Mitchel Athletic Complex.
“I am proud of all that my administration has accomplished and I look forward to working towards making Nassau a friendlier place to live for all of our 1.3 million residents,” Mangano said.


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