By Eden Laikin

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano last night urged this years’ graduating class from Nassau Community College to remember to give back, help others up the ladder of success, and “contribute time to make your community a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

And he reminded the graduates to thank all those that supported and encouraged them to achieve this success.

In his remarks to the Class of 2014, along with the College’s Board of Trustees and faculty, County Executive Mangano suggested that as the graduates travel their own path in life, to never underestimate their potential to change the world.

“Some of you will pursue higher education while others will apply the skill set they have attained to their careers,” Mangano said. “You all have taken an important step in life which will assist you in pursuing your dreams and attaining your maximum potential. Your future is in your hands and to quote Abraham Lincoln: ‘THE BEST THING ABOUT THE FUTURE IS IT COMES ONE DAY AT A TIME’ “

Mangano said he hoped the graduates would choose to stay and make a life in Nassau. To assist them in that decision, he said his administration has strived to make Nassau County an affordable and welcoming choice.

“From increasing housing alternatives to providing job opportunities, Nassau County continues to offer an incredible place to reside,” Mangano continued. “In fact, we now have more job opportunities and enjoy the lowest unemployment rate in the State of New York. New businesses are calling Nassau County home with growing job sectors. From Health Care to Homeland Security, Composite Manufacturing to Making Movies, Nassau County is once again on the move! The good news is economic indicators show the tough times we experienced are beginning to be behind us, and opportunity is once again growing.”

The County Executive advised the class to be confident, even if they experience “competition for employment.”

“Be confident in your education. Be confident you have the skills to achieve your goals. Be confident and you will succeed,” he said. “If I may quote Abraham Lincoln again:


In closing, Mangano said “My wish for you is that you pursue a career and find work that you love, for if you achieve that gift you will achieve rewarding employment without ever working a day!


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