Mangano Opens two-day Emergency Management Conference

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano this morning welcomed some 600 first responders to the Annual LI-NYC Emergency Management Conference – the premier national platform to learn from and participate with the industry’s leaders.

The two-day event is hosted by Nassau County’s Emergency Management team, at the Uniondale Marriott.  Featured are experts, sponsors and exhibitors from all over the country to let attendees know about their company’s products and services, and to learn about the latest trends and techniques in the emergency management field.

“Response, Resiliency and Recovery” is this year’s conference theme, as the Hurricane Season is set to begin June 1st.

“You will be given a rare look at the lessons learned within our region as a direct result of Hurricane Sandy and how we overcame the many resulting obstacles,” Mangano told those in attendance.” Together, we utilized past experiences to improve our planning efforts and build a stronger, more resilient foundation for our community.”

 County Executive Mangano said Nassau is proud to be continually working with colleagues in New York City and Suffolk County in these efforts.

“Today is almost 19 months after Hurricane Sandy hit our shores, and Nassau County remains hard at work repairing roads, bridges, parks, schools, libraries, hospitals, and many other types of critical infrastructure,” Mangano said.

He added that the County is also working hard to repair Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant, the hardest hit wastewater facility in New York State. County staff has returned Bay Park back to function in record time, and there’s been no permit violation since Hurricane Sandy.  

“Superstorm Sandy forever changed us all,” Mangano continued. “We are a stronger people, we rebuilt stronger and we will do everything in our power to prepare for the next storm.”

Mangano went onto thank and acknowledge all of Nassau County’s first responders and Nassau County’s Office of Emergency Management led by Commissioner Craig Craft for the hard work and dedication that they’ve put into recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy – and for working diligently to safeguard our citizens and environment.

“I witnessed, first-hand, the damage that was done to homes, businesses and property,” Mangano said. “Without the help of Nassau’s first responders we would have seen far more devastation and loss of life.”


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