By Eden Laikin

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano spoke with local business owners at the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Symposium held on Friday and discussed how his administration has changed the way government operates.

“I know that high taxes kill jobs,” Mangano told those gathered. “That is why I have held the line on County property taxes every year since taking office, eliminated a 16.5% property tax increase planned by the prior administration and even stopped a County Food Tax dead in its tracks. Nassau County was the highest-taxed county in the nation before I took office – that is no longer the case due to my cost-saving policies.  In fact, Nassau County won the New York State Local Government Performance and Efficiency Award. Throughout my term as County Executive, I have focused on rebuilding Nassau County without asking taxpayers to foot the bill for the $378 million deficit I inherited from the prior administration.”

County Executive Mangano reminded the members that to accomplish that, he cut over $330 million in wasteful spending and launched nationally recognized public-private partnerships – savings taxpayers millions of dollars and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.  Some of the notable public-private partnerships are:  Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Indoor Ice Skating Rinks, New Athletic Fields, Cosmo’s Practice Field, NICE Bus; and Healthcare at the Jail

“I have, continually, focused on rebuilding Nassau County’s economy by creating jobs that put people back to work,” he said. “Together, with my economic development team, I have helped create and retain more than 19,000 private sector jobs in Nassau County.  Under my leadership, Nassau County has attracted new homeland security jobs, high-tech jobs, as well as film and television industry jobs to the former Grumman-Navy property in Nassau. After shedding jobs for more than 10 years, good middle-class jobs are beginning to return. We are creating a stronger economic climate that encourages job growth and equips our residents with job training opportunities.”

Mangano spoke about supporting existing businesses with free clinics, job fairs and financial workshops so that they can succeed; supporting programs that convert empty office buildings into affordable housing opportunities for our young people; and working with local chambers of commerce to support their Buy Local-Shop Local Campaigns to remind shoppers of the importance of supporting local downtowns.

In his first-term, Mangano unveiled a state-of-the-art interactive online job program, NassauWorks – that allows employers to post jobs for free and allow potential employees to search online for free.  This free, online jobs platform provides local businesses with free access to the same cutting edge tools that Fortune 500 companies are using today. Through NassauWorks approximately 13,000 job seekers have viewed nearly 193,000 jobs within Nassau County. With 340 businesses registered, job seekers can browse through over 1,200 unique jobs. In total over 21,000 jobs are available to view nationwide.



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