Once again this holiday season, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano honored those involved in a charity that provides new winter coats and clothing to children who might otherwise go without. And, Mangano once again joined the young volunteers from “Kids Helping Kids” at their annual fundraising gala earlier this month.
Six-year-old Isaiah Bird of Freeport– a wrestling student born without legs – was honored at the event.

Bob Eslick, who operates the charity, said the kids involved in “Kids Helping Kids” are amazing role models for Nassau County’s youth. The organization encourages philanthropy in young people under the age of 18.
“This special organization, and its ‘Making a Warmth of Difference’ program, positively affects the lives of so many Nassau County residents,” Mangano said. “These special young people show others their compassion by reaching out to the less fortunate among us and helping them. This is especially important during the holiday season.”
“Every year during this time we rejoice and give thanks for the blessings of the season and for the blessings that surround us every day of the year,” Mangano continued. “We must also remember that we have a responsibility to help those in need. Acts of kindness toward others fulfill the spirit of the season.”
This marks the 11th Annual “Making a Warmth of Difference” winter apparel program. Since 2004 Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way, Inc. has distributed $1.8 million in branded winter apparel to “kids most in need” throughout Long Island and the surrounding areas.
During the 2014 Holiday season, Kids Way, Inc. will deliver more than $400,000 in new branded winter apparel
“Kids Way has done a terrific job of making a ‘world of difference’ on many levels in the lives of so many children and families throughout Nassau,” said County Executive Mangano. “I am pleased that Nassau County can partner with this organization to provide an opportunity for children most in need stay warm during the cold months upon us.”
For more information, please contact Kids Helping Kids by Kids Way, Inc. at (516) 249-9449 or email
Executive Director Bob Eslick said, “Our members have spent thousands of volunteer hours via a variety of programs with a vision, dedication and a drive that addresses various community and individual needs. It began with a legacy of community service to improve the quality of life for many, specifically “kids in need”. This vision continues today and with our “no excuse” attitude significant achievement can occur.”


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