Mangano Announces State and Federal Help for Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant.

By eden laikin

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano thanked state officials yesterday for committing an additional $150 million to improve the Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant and facilitate mid-stage level nitrogen treatment at the facility.

Mangano also thanked Governor Cuomo for his “unending support,” and both called on the federal government to provide $550 million to fund the remainder of the project, which would allow the construction of an outfall pipe into the Atlantic Ocean.

The County Executive thanked Jon Kaiman – Long Island Advisor for the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery – who stood with him at the County offices in Mineola yesterday to announce the $150 million in funds.

The major infrastructure initiative aims to address damage caused by recent storms− including Superstorm Sandy− while protecting the coastal resiliency of southern Nassau County and enhancing water quality.

A massive tidal surge from Superstorm Sandy, 2 ½ years ago, submerged the Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant in 9 feet of sea water. That surge knocked the plant out of operation and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to the plant.

The Mangano administration – in partnership with Federal and State response teams – worked tirelessly to get the plant operational and prevent a major environmental crisis.

“Serious work continues today at the Plant – and the job of rebuilding could only be accomplished with the assistance of Governor Cuomo and the Federal government,” County Executive Mangano said.

To date, the Federal and State governments have committed $830 million to strengthen and repair this critical part of Nassau County’s infrastructure.

“Today, we take another step forward with Governor Cuomo’s commitment of $150 million for process improvements to reduce nitrogen concentration in the effluent and help restore health to the Western Bays,” Mangano added. “This financial commitment of $150 million gets us closer to the $700 million solution needed for Bay Park.”

He said the remaining $550 million is needed, from FEMA, to construct a two-mile Ocean Outfall Pipe that will help protect Nassau’s bays, marine life, marshlands and local environment.


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