Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today launched a new website to promote awareness about an innovative drug treatment program that has been widely proven to reduce the cravings for heroin and other Opiates. County Executive Mangano’s ‘Shot at Life’ program provides counseling with monthly injections of the non-narcotic medication Vivitrol, which caps the Opiate receptors in the brain, blocking the drug’s euphoric effects. Unlike other “daily dose” medications long-used to treat Opiate and heroin addiction, Vivitrol cannot be abused, is non-addictive and has had great success with several local doctors, and in at least 20 other states. At no cost to County taxpayers, Nassau’s drug treatment program may be expanded after its initial trial.
“Launching this new informative website allows my administration to continue to combat heroin and opioid abuse through a comprehensive strategy that includes enhanced enforcement, education and awareness,” said County Executive Mangano. “Nassau County is now offering those battling addiction ‘A Shot at Life’ and freedom from narcotics.”
For information on: Vivitrol facts, figures and studies; the successes Vivitrol has had in 25 other states; or to find out where and how you, or a loved one, can enroll in a Vivitrol treatment program, visit the new site: http://www.nassaucountyny.gov/AShotatLife.
Vivitrol is covered by most private insurance, Medicaid & Medicare. A monthly, $500 discount coupon is available, online, to reduce a copay, or to help with private pay. Individuals should be Opioid-free for 7-10 days before the initial Vivitrol shot, and continue with counseling for about a 15-month treatment period.
For more information on Nassau County’s A Shot at Life, call 227-TALK. For an intake appointment, call Nassau County Opiate Treatment Program (OTP) at (516) 572-5801 or (516) 572-5906. Nassau County’s OTP currently has 4 people enrolled in the Vivitrol Treatment program and dozens more have called for information on the program or to schedule an intake.


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