Mangano Announces Intensified Police Patrols For Jewish High Holidays

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Acting Police Commissioner Tom Krumpter announced today that there will be intensified police patrols around temples and synagogues for the upcoming Jewish High Holidays.

“The County will intensify police patrols around temples and synagogues during the upcoming Jewish High Holidays,” said County Executive Mangano. “All religious leaders should know that the Nassau County Police Department will take any and all threats to public safety seriously as nothing is more important than the safety of our residents.”

Police officials say there has been no specific terrorist or hate crime threat made to Nassau County, however, County Executive Mangano reminded residents that if they “See Something, Say Something” to the Nassau County Police Department.

“It is critical that we all be aware of our surroundings and Nassau County’s “See Something, Say Something” initiative is a great way to raise awareness of such dangers and protect our citizens,” added County Executive Mangano. “Residents can help be the eyes and ears for the police department. Don’t assume a package, bag or box was left somewhere by accident. If you see an unattended package, at or outside of a church, temple, train station, synagogue, mall or high traffic area – or if you see anything suspicious, report it. Let the police know. Dial 911.”


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The County Executive of Nassau County,NY
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