Nassau County’s Nitrogen Action Plan

Nassau County is leading the way in taking action to reduce nitrogen levels in our waterways – with the assistance of Governor Andrew Cuomo and Federal officials – Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced at a forum this week. Two Pilot Programs are currently in the design stage to reduce denitrofication by at least 50 %.

The County is also seeking funds from the Federal and State governments for construction of a $450 million project to replace the Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant’s existing outfall – which dumps into the Reynolds Channel and Western Bays – with a new tunneled Ocean Outfall Pipe that will discharge into the Atlantic Ocean 5.3 miles from the Plant. Construction of the new outfall pipe would complement an ongoing investment of nearly $830 million in Federal and State funds to restore, fortify and make more resilient the Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant.

At Wednesday’s forum, County Executive Mangano addressed representatives from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – Water Resources, Long Island Regional Planning Council, Suffolk County, Nassau County Department of Public Works, Long Island Builders Institute, SUNY Stony Brook, The Nature Conservancy and Citizens Campaign for the Environment.

“From nitrogen removal, to protecting our marshlands, from establishing a new public park near one of the facilities, to improving our ability to recover from future storms, Nassau County is making its wastewater treatment plants more environmentally friendly, more efficient and better stewards of our environment,” Mangano said. “This week, we take another positive step forward.”

As part of the State’s application to HUD’s National Disaster Resilience Competition, New York State last week requested $150 million to fund the construction of a 5.3-mile outfall pipe from the Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant to a new discharge point far out in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Nassau County Outfall Pipe and Bay Resiliency Project will dramatically improve water quality in the Western Bays—revitalizing ecosystems, safeguarding public health, preserving protective wetland buffers, and enhancing fisheries and tourism economies.
“We hope HUD will also recognize the potential to ensure the health and resilience of our coastal ecologies and economies alike,” Mangano said


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