Mangano Commends Long Beach Students for Giving Back

Students in Long Beach remember well the donations of clothing and school supplies they received from others after Superstorm Sandy destroyed theirs. So when they learned about the losses sustained by students in South Carolina, they wanted to give back.

Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, this week, recognized those students from the NIKE Work Based Learning Center in Long Beach, for the gift cards they collected for the students at River Bluff High School in Lexington, South Carolina.

The NIKE students hosted a fundraising drive and since then have been collecting store gift cards, cash gift cards and/or direct online donations – for the students and families at River Bluff.

Joining the students, and the County Executive, at his office in Mineola, were David Weiss- Superintendent of Long Beach Public Schools; Marcia Mule- Director of Alternative & Adult Programs; and Howard Fuchs- Teacher in Charge.

Long Beach experienced extreme flooding during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the recent news of flooding in South Carolina from Joaquin, prompted the group to help the people most affected. Their teacher, Mr. Fuchs, partnered with his colleague who is a guidance counselor at the recipient school in South Carolina.

The NIKE Work Based Learning Center prepares students for college and/or career readiness. Students connect classroom instruction with learning in the workplace, and the experience becomes a meaningful and engaging educational opportunity.

The goals of the NIKE Alternative High School are to provide at-risk youth the opportunity to earn a High School Diploma while developing employability skills.


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