Mangano Stands with Cuomo as the Governor Vetoes the Application for a potentially harmful Project.

Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano was in Long Beach today, to stand with the Governor in opposition to a firm’s proposal to build a natural gas facility that could not only threaten the local environment, but also create a potential terrorist target. Any explosion or fire from an LNG facility in the New York harbor would be catastrophic.

Liberty Natural Gas, LLC (Liberty), has submitted an application to build a proposed liquefied natural gas deepwater port facility, called Port Ambrose, roughly 19 miles from the New York shore.

Critics claim the construction and operation of Port Ambrose would have a strongly negative ecological impact on its surroundings, discharge millions of gallons of chemically treated seawater and require the dredging of miles of sea floor. Port Ambrose would further aggravate environmental degradation by increasing New York’s reliance on natural gas, a methane-emitting fuel.

Like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in 2011, Gov. Andrew Cuomo today vetoed the application by Liberty – stating that an “offshore LNG poses unacceptable risks to the state’s residents, natural resources, economy and security.”

The federal government is reviewing the project, but both Christie and Cuomo have the authority to veto the project, and stop Port Ambrose even if the federal government wants to allow it.

The officials – which also included State Senator Michael Venditto and Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky – gathered today at the Long Beach ice rink for the public signing of the veto letter. County Executive Mangano thanked Cuomo, remarking that today is “truly is a great day for Long Island.” And here minded those gathered about the governor’s presence and help immediately following Superstorm Sandy.

“I support the Governor’s veto in order to protect the security of our island and quality of our environment.” – County Executive Ed Mangano,” Mangano said.


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