County Executive Ed Mangano and the Nassau Police Department recently helped the Village of Freeport implement a first-of –its kind criminal monitoring system to help protect residents and keeping the community safe. The digital surveillance technology will monitor village streets for law-breaking motorists and wanted criminals.

Operation Safe Streets will use Digital license plate readers, capable of scanning 2,000 plates per minute and cross-referencing each plate number with federal and state criminal databases and DMV records, to allow village police to identify stolen vehicles; motorists who are being sought by law enforcement or are the subject of outstanding arrest warrants; vehicles that are associated with Amber or Silver Alerts; unlicensed motorists and motorists with suspended licenses. The system provides the village’s newly created command center with real-time alerts when a vehicle’s driver requires attention from police.

Nassau County assisted the Village in its implementation and in securing a $125,000 grant towards the overall purchase – which includes the new Freeport Police Strategic Command Center.

Freeport is likely the first village in New York State to bolster its law enforcement efforts by establishing a comprehensive surveillance network at select entry points along the village’s perimeter and a round-the-clock, high-tech security operation guarding the village’s boundaries.

Police also can use the technology to able to continuously monitor traffic patterns for criminal or suspicious activity. It will also aid police investigations in other jurisdictions if a suspect drives through the village.

Gathered with County Executive Mangano for the announcement at Freeport Village Hall last week were Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy, Freeport Police Chief Miguel Bermudez and some Freeport Village Trustees.

“With this secure fiber optic distribution system strategically placed throughout the Village of Freeport, residents can rest assured that the latest State-of-the-Art surveillance equipment is being utilized to protect public safety,” County Executive Mangano said. “Having this available will help keep the streets free from uninsured vehicles, stolen vehicles and wanted persons and will be particularly helpful with locating people in the event of an Amber Alert and Silver Alert.”

This system will also allow multiple law enforcement and governmental agencies – such as the Nassau County Police Department, the New York State Police Department and New York State Department of Motor Vehicles – to share accurate and immediate vehicle information.”


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