Mangano welcomes police graduates & recruits

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Acting Police Commissioner Thomas C. Krumpter this week, welcomed 185 police academy graduates – the largest class in more than 20 years – into the police force. The next day, the officials swore in 153 new recruits to the Police academy.

The graduation ceremony was held at the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex at Hofstra University, on Tuesday May 31 – and opened with a rendition of the National Anthem performed by the Blue Lion Band; followed by an invocation delivered by Department Chaplain Rev. Gerard A. Gordon

County Executive Mangano reiterated to the graduates that Law enforcement is “very difficult and often dangerous.”

“It demands the utmost professionalism, vigilance and a distinct skill set,” he said. “I thank you for choosing to join this invaluable force and for your commitment to a career in both law enforcement and public service. Each of you and your families should be extremely proud of your accomplishments.”

The bulk of the new members are entering the County’s police force, while 10 are graduating to Village and City Departments (Malverne, Port Washington, Old Brookville and the NC Sheriff’s Dept.). All graduates completed 7 months of intense law enforcement training at the Nassau County Police Academy and are now “certified” officers.” Mangano said they are “well-prepared to assume their duties,”

“You all represent the first line in maintaining order, safety and security in Nassau County,” he told the graduates. “Your job will be quite demanding at times, but I expect that you will find it to also be both personally and professionally rewarding.”

The next day, Mangano announced the hiring of 154 new police recruits who were sworn in at a ceremony at Nassau County Police Headquarters in Mineola, today. The new group of recruits will now commence the intense 7-month training session at the academy, before they begin patrolling the streets of Nassau County.

Mangano, who delivered the Oath of Office to the recruits, thanked them for their service and dedication to Nassau County – and he said the County’s Police Training Academy in Massapequa Park is one of the finest in the nation.

“I commend you for earning the opportunity to be part of the illustrious Nassau County Police Department and for your willingness to dedicate your career to keeping the 1.3 million residents of Nassau County safe,” he told the recruits. “During times of crisis, our police officers are on the front line making sure that order and the rule of law is kept. All of you demonstrate the innate ability and drive to serve and protect.”

Mangano went on to say that Nassau County residents enjoy one of the lowest crime rates in the nation thanks to the dedicated men and women of the Police Department.

“Nassau County Police Officers are known for their professionalism and expertise in intelligence-led policing,” he said. “As County Executive, I take great pride in our Police Department and I wish these recruits tremendous success as our residents are counting them.”


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