By Eden Laikin

In remarks at this year’s Vision Long Island Smart Growth Awards ceremony, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said that his with Vision Long Island has been successful in reinventing the way in which our government operates.

He said that together, we are: “improving our environment; attracting transit-oriented housing opportunities; increasing job opportunities; and creating public-private partnerships with a vision for the future of Long Island.”
And he reminded the evening’s attendees about the largest public-private partnership on Long Island – the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Plaza – which will transform the 43 year old arena and cement parking lot into “a world class destination and Nassau County’s future economy.”

When completed, the “Green” project – funded by a $265 million private sector investment by developer Bruce Ratner – would host national league team games, family-fun entertainment, a movie theatre, shopping, bowling, and themed restaurants. And would use

Additionally, talks are in progress to create a state-of-the-art healthcare and development area within the HUB. Millions of dollars would pour in by prospective tenants that include Memorial Sloan Kettering, the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and the Center for Bioelectronic Medicine.

In addition, NYS has committed to an $85 million seed investment this year alone for other endeavors at the site – which could include Green Parking Structures and infrastructure and Electric Bus Rapid Transit

And he spoke about making Nassau as attractive as possible to businesses looking to relocate or expand their headquarters, here.

To help keep young people here, the Mangano administration has been involved in the development of more than 3,500 new apartments – with more than 1,500 new units constructed through our initiative to convert vacant office space into apartments near transit centers.

“The housing initiative not only assists young families, it revitalizes downtowns by eliminating community blight and increasing economic activity,” Mangano said.

What’s more, he said his administration continues to pursue the construction of an Ocean Outfall Pipe for the Bay Park Wastewater Treatment Plant as, each day, treated sewage enters our Western Bays. County engineers and the DEC, however, believe they may have a found a solution – to achieve the same environmental success in a cost-efficient manner by connecting the Bay Park Plant to Cedar Creek’s ocean outfall pipe – which stretches nearly 3 miles out into the Atlantic.


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