By Eden Laikin
Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano last week honored 14 Nassau fire department members – including current and ex- fire chiefs, Captains, firefighters and an EMT member – in the County’s annual Firematic Awards Ceremony.

County Executive Mangano was joined by Nassau Fire Marshall Scott Tusa – at the ceremony – held in the Legislative Chamber of the Theodore Roosevelt Executive & Legislative Building – to recognize the members, and present each with an award.

“I want to thank each of you for your service to our community,” Mangano said, addressing the honorees. “We will never be able to thank you enough for the hard work and dedication that you put in to protecting Nassau County’s residents and property.

The County Executive said that while the members’ courage really shines during times of natural disasters, it’s the everyday heroism that personifies our Nassau County Firefighters.

“Today we honor our brave first responders that have gone above and beyond the call of duty and consistently risk their own lives to protect our Nassau County residents,” he said. “Bravery, valor and sacrifice are just three words to describe their dedication.”

This year’s Honorees are:

• Ex-Captain Joseph Hervan
• Firefighter Thomas Callan
• Firefighter/EMT-CC Philip M. LoNigro
• Ex-Captain Joseph Brantuk
• Ex- Chief Rodger P. Faulk
• Honorary Chief Joseph Giardina
• Ex- Chief Oscar Thompson
• Firefigther Kevin Blaney
• Ex- Chairman Michael Tedeschi
• Honorary Chief James Prinzevalli
• Ex- Chief Anthony Lebron
• Ex-Captain Stephen J. Minogue
• Assist. Chief Robert C. Schnall
• Woodmere Fire Department

County Executive Mangano then spoke about how important
the training and safety of our firefighters and emergency responders are.

In 2015, the County’s Fire Service began to receive Technical Rescue Equipment which was purchased as the result of a grant filed by the County and administered through the Fire Marshal. They also acquired a brand new hazardous materials response truck in order to reduce response times to Fire Department requests for HazMat Assistance.

“The County’s Fire Service experienced their first true response test of the Technical Rescue Team and equipment, when they were able to successfully rescue a young woman crushed by a large tree that crashed through the roof of her home trapping her in her bed,” he said. “As you can see, we are working hard to arm our Fire Districts with the tools that they need to keep our residents safe.

Most recently, the Nassau County Legislature approved a re-written Fire Prevention Ordinance which will enhance and improve fire safety for our residents and our firefighters. And the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management received a Major Event Response Vehicle (MERV) which will be available to assist the fire service in the near future.
“I can think of no more worthy of a cause then to support our firefighters,” Mangano said in closing. “


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