Newsday Gets It Wrong: Jail Alarm Disabled Decades Ago

East Meadow, NY – Nassau County Commissioner of Corrections Charles Campisi today released the following statement:

“Newsday’s report is wrong and fails to accurately account for security at the Nassau County Correctional Center.  It is important to set the record straight.

The Nassau County Correctional Center is a highly secure facility that protects its employees as well as our residents.  The interior gate, not fence, in which Newsday is referring to leads to a non-inmate area.  No inmates are housed there nor recreate in that area.  To prevent false reporting, the internal alarm was disabled decades ago and the gate itself is 20 feet tall, armed with razor ribbon, security cameras and guarded by correction officers.

Let’s call it like it is.  The correction officers’ protest is in fact the only risk to safety at the jail as they are lashing out at the Sheriff’s recent order which requires patrol tiers every 15 minutes as opposed to every half hour.”



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The County Executive of Nassau County,NY
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