Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano, District Attorney Madeline Singas, Acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter and Nassau County Police officials announced today plans for increased DWI and BWI patrols on Nassau County roadways and waterways during the Labor Day holiday weekend. Nassau County Police will also intensify anti-terror patrols and monitor social media in addition to working with partners in local, state and federal law enforcement to gather critical intelligence in an effort to ensure the safety of all residents.

“Drunk drivers and boaters put the lives and safety of innocent people in jeopardy every time they get behind the wheel,” said County Executive Mangano. “While our officers are out every day and night locking up drunk drivers, we know that holiday weekends such as Labor Day are the most dangerous. This weekend, there will be extra police officers targeting drunk drivers and boaters in order to prevent senseless alcohol-related accidents and deaths. Please think before you drink.”

“Whether you are driving a boat or a car you need to be sober and drive like people’s lives depend on it, because they do,” DA Singas said. “My office and Nassau County PD are working together to increase patrols this Labor Day weekend. If you risk lives by driving any kind of vehicle while you are drunk or drugged you will be arrested and prosecuted. It is everyone’s job to keep our families safe on the roads and in the water. Please do your part.”

The NCPD will assign additional police officers as part of an extensive STOP-DWI enforcement initiative for the Labor Day weekend. Enforcement for the weekend is being funded from a grant provided by the New York State STOP DWI Foundation with money from the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee through Nassau County STOP-DWI. This funding enables the NCPD and police departments throughout the county to implement an effective DWI saturation enforcement strategy. The NCPD’s Highway Patrol Bureau will coordinate and plan this initiative that will target areas throughout the county. There were 47 DWI arrests in Nassau County over last year’s Labor Day weekend and to date there have been 1,303 arrests in Nassau County in 2016, with 13 fatalities.

“The Nassau County Police Department has a zero tolerance policy for those who drive or operate a boat under the influence and put innocent people at risk. This campaign is intended to identify and apprehend alcohol impaired drivers with the aim of making both the roadways and waterways safe for everyone. As always, our targets will be those who disregard the law,” said Acting Commissioner Krumpter. “If you do not want to wind up in the back of one of our patrol cars and spending the weekend in a jail cell, be responsible if you plan to drink.”

County Executive Mangano, District Attorney Singas and Police Commissioner Krumpter remind everyone:

• If you plan to drink, choose a designated driver before going out.
• Take mass transit, a cab, or ask a sober friend to drive you home
• Spend the night where the activity is being held.
• Always buckle up – it’s your best defense against a drunk driver.


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