Mangano Thanks Fire officials, Volunteers Who Helped Storm-Ravaged Louisiana

By Eden Laikin

Looking for ways to assist the flooded areas of Louisiana, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Office of Emergency Management Commissioner (OEM) Craig Craft joined with the Nassau Fire Marshal’s Office to request and collect donations of equipment from local fire departments to assist in the aide efforts going on in the storm-ravaged area.

Several fire departments offered equipment such as fire fighter turn out gear, fans, hose, nozzles, and medical equipment – which was then loaded on a Fire Marshall truck. On Sunday August 28 at 11 pm, Supervising Fire Marshal Kevin Lang and Fire Marshal Trainee Joseph Battaglia took this truck with an OEM trailer in tow and embarked on the trip to Louisiana.

The trailer contained pallets of water and MRE’s (meals ready to eat) donated by OEM. On Tuesday the Fire Marshals delivered the equipment, water, and MRE’s to City of Baton Rouge Fire Dept.

On the trip back to Nassau County, Lang and Battaglia were first on the scene of an over turned tractor trailer on Routes 59 & 24 in Mississippi. The tractor trailer was resting on its side. Upon checking for aided, the Nassau fire marshall’s came upon two victims in the tractor and Lang entered the cab through the passenger window. The two rendered aid until local first responders arrived on scene and stayed with the aided until they were removed from the vehicle.

The following day, Lang and Battaglia arrived back here at work.



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