Mangano Gives Blizzard Update

By Eden Laikin

In a late morning blizzard update, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano warned drivers that visibility is poor, some of the roadways may be treacherous, and the westbound lane of the LIE is closed between Exits 33 and 34, due to a multi vehicle traffic accident – started by a jackknifed tractor-trailer.

On the bright side, he said power outages and fender benders are minimal, Nassau County plows and sanders are out in full force, and the storm should be finished by late afternoon.

And he urged residents: “If you don’t need to be on the roads, please don’t be. It makes it more difficult for our plow drivers, and visibility is poor enough.”

Meanwhile, County Executive Mangano urged residents with non life-threatening emergencies, such as streets not plowed, stranded cars or downed trees, to call the non-emergency hotline at 1-800-315-5153. To report power outages or electrical emergencies, call PSEG LI at 1-800-490-0075. And anyone in need of shelter or warmth, call our Warmbed number at 1-866-927-6233.

He said NICE bus is running as many routes as possible but has had to be curtailed in a few cases. And one unusual incident was reported this morning – a county ambulance went on fire, while running, in front of the Island Park firehouse.

Flanked by his commissioners of DPW, Police, Health, Public Safety and Animal protection, County Executive Mangano said Nassau County government is “open for business today,” but the courts, ice rink, museums and jail visiting services are closed. Staff from each county department are manning the non-emergency hotlines, he said.

Roadways on the north shore hilly areas are more treacherous and there’s been no talk with the MTA, so far, about suspending service on the LIRR. Nassau road crews began to put down brind at 7am yesterday and have been sanding ever since – keeping black ice down.

Mangano said that for continuing updates, download the free Nassau Now app.

He also asked whomever is out shoveling or snow-blowing, to shovel around any fire hydrants. But he cautioned against shoveling at an advanced age or if in ill health and about sticking your hands in the snow blower to clear it out.

“We went from a beach day to a blizzard day,” Mangano told reporters earlier. “Stay safe.”



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