More News Briefs June 1-4, 2017


Nassau Police marked Memorial Day by paying tribute to those members who have given their lives in the line of duty as well as those recently departed sworn and civilian members. County Executive Mangano opened the May 23 ceremony, which he said honored the “bravest and most heroic” Nassau Officers. “All of the Officers that we are memorializing today exhibited valor every single day they were in uniform,” he said. “They believed good should prevail over evil and they worked to make it so. These were the men and women who risked their lives to protect the 1.3 million residents of Nassau County.  They did so without fear for their own lives. For their commitment to the people of Nassau County may we honor today those who gave their lives in the line of duty. Each time we lose a member of law enforcement, we are brutally reminded that their job is a dangerous one and a job that deserves our respect and gratitude. Their example of commitment, compassion and valor will never be forgotten.”


County Executive Mangano appointed Martin Blum to be Chairman of the Nassau County Youth Board, and the County Legislature confirmed him last week. Blum has been acting Chairman since 2013, serves on the Safe and Supportive Schools Committee, and was former Assistant Dean at Hofstra’s School of Education. The Youth Board seeks to develop effective policies and programs that address the prevention and control of juvenile delinquency and crimes – encouraging closer cooperation between employers, labor, schools, churches, recreation commissions, state and local employment bureaus, service clubs, and other public and private agencies so as to stimulate employment for youth.


The theme of this year’s senior celebration in Nassau County was “Age Out Loud” – which means “know your rights, stay engaged, strive for wellness, and explore new things.” County Executive Mangano hosted the annual event along with the Advisory Council for the Nassau County Office for the Aging. Mangano has often referred to this generation as the “backbone of this great County…to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for helping build Nassau County to what it is today,” He said Nassau remains committed to protecting core services to all of Nassau County’s senior citizens. Initiatives he’s started for seniors, include Nassau’s Yellow Dot Program – which was implemented to assist in lifesaving measures involving victims of automobile accidents. A Yellow Dot in the rear window of a vehicle will alert First Responders arriving at an auto accident that vital information is contained in the glove compartment. The County’s Vial of Life Project similarly assists during emergencies in the home. And the Smart911 public safety service allows residents to create a free safety profile online for their household. County officials at the luncheon, presented awards to the 2017 Senior Citizens of the Year: Dolores Genovese of Massapequa, who taught for 30 years in Massapequa Schools and been active in many community organizations that help children and families who struggle financially and emotionally.  And Richard Begandy of Massapequa Park, who served 5 years in the US Navy and dedicated his time back home to serving other hometown heroes through the VFW, Oyster Bay Veterans Advisory Board and Massapequa Cares. He has helped feed and clothe homeless veterans, coordinate services for Gold Star Families and educate local children on American Flag etiquette and history.  Queen Lee Ann Brill, Ms. New York Senior America 2017, sang the Star Spangled Banner to open the event.





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