Mangano Swears in 150 Police Recruits at Nassau County Police Department Headquarters


By Brittany Davis and Eden Laikin

More than 150 new Nassau police recruits were sworn in by County Executive Ed Mangano at a ceremony at Nassau County Police Department Headquarters today. These recruits – added to the 870 new police officers sworn in over the past three years – will help keep Nassau County “one of the safest large suburban counties in the nation, with crime down 27% since 2009.”

A few of the new recruits will be assigned to the Nassau Sheriff’s Department and several others, to one of the County’s Village Police Departments.

“Some of you have military experience, some have prior law enforcement experience but all of you have the innate ability and drive to serve and protect,” County Executive Mangano said.

The new recruits will go on to complete a 7-month training session at the Nassau County Police Academy, before officially moving on as an officer in January 2018, and protecting the 1.3 million Nassau County residents.

“I am proud to say that Nassau County is the safest large suburban county in the nation, and that is a testament to the work our police officers do, day in and day out,” County Executive Mangano added.


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